60 Best Instagram Bio for Cricket Lovers | Mahi, Kohli

Instagram Bio for Cricket lovers: Indians love cricket more than any other game. There is huge fan base for Cricket in India. So, we decided to make Instagram Bio for Cricket lovers and we have done it.

Today, In this post, you will get the best instagram bio for cricket lovers. We have also created bio for Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya Fans. So, read this post till the end to get the cricketers bio in Hindi.

10 Top Instagram Bio for Cricket Lovers 2023

Deep Thinker 💭
Cricket is not just a game, it is an emotion.

You know ? ⬇️
Cricket is a way of connecting people.

It’s not a joke. 👎
Life is not a game, but cricket is.

Sorry Babes. 🙅
Cricket is more important than girlfriend.

Cricket Addicted 💯 %
If there is no cricket in heaven after death, then it is not heaven.

They call me mad 🤪
The fun that is in cricket is not even in sex.

Cricket is not a game of victory and defeat, it is a game of friendship.

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To be successful in life, you need good people and a good team to play in cricket.

Cricket is disliked by those who don’t know how to play.

After death we want cricket not Apsara in heaven.

Life is like a cricket match. In which we all run after our needs. Like a fielder running after the ball.

Cricketers Bio for Instagram

  • A good cricketer is not made just by dreaming, but by practicing in the field.
  • Cricket and life are same. There are ups and downs in both.
  • Cricket is a team game. It teaches working together.
  • To become a good cricketer, hard work is necessary, not a coach.
  • It’s not possible to win every time, but don’t give up trying to win every time.

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  • Bat is not a toy, it gives me strength and everything I want to have.
  • I play cricket not for myself, but for the victory of my team and my country.
  • To become a good player, you need bat and ball and practice and focus.
  • My team is not just my team, it is my family.
  • Cricket is the way through which you represent your country in front of other countries.

Instagram bio for MS Dhoni Fans ( Mahi )

Ms Dhoni Fan🔥
Cricket Addicted 🏏
I'm a boy, a little flirtatious and a little naughty.🤫
T-20 Lover🏏
Fav. Cricketer Dhoni🥰
Nothing is difficult if your intentions are right.
Good minded😌
B'day __
Ms Dhoni's fan😍
Son always wants to be bigger than father. Like Pakistan.😆
Fan Of Dhoni😎
Curious person🧔‍♂️
Those who tell the truth are bad, So I'm bad.🙁
Full minded 💯
Fact Believer🥱
Mahendra Dhoni's fan ❤
Try everything, But don't get addicted.
Future cricketer🏏
Dhoni's Admirer😄
No one can take Dhoni's place except me.😎
  • MS Dhoni’s helicopter shot produces more noise than a helicopter. 🔊
  • I’m big fan of Dhoni, because he plays with his mind and not only with strength. 💪
  • Dhoni has equity, shrewdness, intelligence and the courage to take the right decisions. That’s why I am his fan. 😀
  • MS Dhoni is synonymous of success and victory. ✌️

Instagram Bio for Hardik Pandya Fans

Only Pandya’s fan 😤
Biggest Cricket Lover 🏏
jab pandya kee entree hotee hai, tab saamane vaale kee fat rahee hotee hai

Pandya’s Big Fan 👑
Everyone has some qualities. But if a person has all the qualities, then he is called an all-rounder.

Pradhan ji😎
All Rounder🥸
Fan Of H. Pandya💯
Afraid those people who do something wrong.

Fav. Cricketer 👇
Hardik Pandya 🖤
He who thinks with his mind wins and he who thinks with his heart loses.

Pure Single 😜
Luv U pandya 🥰
I want to be the sun, with whose light the moon shines and the stars twinkle.

Cricket lover 🏏
Sirf Hardik Bhai 🤟
Reading Addicted 📚
Too much thinking is injurious to health.
So don’t think follow me.

Zulmi Boy 😈
Gujrat Titans 🏏
Hardik Pandya Fan 💥
Satanism is an integral part of human beings.

Follow Me 😜
H. Pandya’s 🔥
Running | Cricket 🏏
People cheat and call others cheaters. 🤡

All Rounder 🔥
To be Hardik Pandya means to be perfect in everything. 💯%

Learned one thing from Pandya, body color doesn’t matter, your success matters. 😒

Instagram Bio for Virat Kohli Fans

Angry Man 👿
Full Energetic ⚡️
Only Virat Kohli 🤘
B-day __

Luv Kohli ❤️
Cricket Addict 🏏
I’M From __
Dad’s Lion 🦁

Ipl Lover 💛
King Of Cricket 👑
Only virat Kohli 👈
Making friends is also important. Sometimes brothers don’t help.

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Egoistic 😒
V. Kohli Fan 🔥
Yes, I have Ego, it is my own, not borrowed.

God Believer 🕉
Kohli’s Big Fan 😌
Without cricket the world is boring. That’s why God made cricket. 😇

Satanic Boy 👿
Gym & Cricket 🖤
Fav. Virat Kohli 👈
I am evil, I have to rule in this wicked world. 😁

Cricket Lover 🏏
I’m Virat’s Fan 🧡
Fun / Enjoy / Smile 👌
One life is to live, laugh, have fun while watching cricket. 🖕

Brown Boy 🤎
King Kohli’s Fan 🥰
Cricketer / Writer 🤚
Those who are afraid die first. So be brave.

😎 Desi Desi
🧡 Virat Kohli
🏋‍♀️ Fitness freak
🏏 Pro Cricketer
As the days change, so do the people.

Instagram Bio for Cricketers in Hindi

क्रिकेट प्रेमी 💯
स्पिन गेंदबाज 🏏
पसंदीदा स्पिनर अश्विन 🤠
क्रिकेट की हमारी टीम नहीं गैंग है, हम ग्राउंड में करते सबकी Bang Bang है। 😁

क्रिकेटर लौंडा 🏏
लेफ्टी बल्लेबाज 😎
शिखर धवन का फैन 🤩

जिंदगी बेट-बॉल 💓
धोनी जैसा कीपर 😌
FAV. खिलाड़ी धोनी 🥰

आल राउंडर 😄
फिटनेस प्रेमी 🏋‍♂️
क्रिकेटर होने पर गर्व भी है और घमंड भी है। 🙏

प्रो खिलाड़ी 😎
मेरी प्रेरणा 👇
सचिन तेंदुलकर 💛
जीत के लिए नहीं अपनी खुसी के लिए खेलते है। 😉

कसरत प्रेमी 🏃‍♀️
क्रिकेट खिलाड़ी 🏏
अनुशासन पसन्दीदा 🤵‍♂️
सिर्फ चौके छक्के लगाओ, रनिंग में क्या रखा है ? 🙄

क्रिकेट योद्धा 🤺
रिवर्स स्वीपर प्रेमी 🏏
क्रिकेट कोई मजाक नहीं है, यह बेट बॉल का युद्ध है। 🛡

सच्चा खिलाड़ी 🏅
मध्य तेज गेंदबाज 🏏
क्रिकेट के लिए जिए है, क्रिकेट खेलते हुए मरना पसन्द करेंगे। 🔥

हम क्रिकेटर है जनाब हमे बल्ले बॉल से खेलना आता है, किसी के दिल से नहीं । 🙏

क्रिकेट में मजा इसलिए है, क्योंकि हार का है रिस्क और जीत नहीं है फिक्स। 😒

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