90 Best Lord Krishna Bio for Instagram | Dwarkadhish Bio

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Lord Krishna Bio | Dwarkadhish Bio | Radha Krishna Bio: Hare Krishna! to all Krishna devotees. In this article, you are going to find a unique lord Krishna bio for Instagram.

Lord Krishna also lived in Dwarka in Dwapar Yuga. He was called Dwarkadhish so that’s why we have also written some Dwarkadhish bio for Instagram.

We have also included Radha Krishna bio because without Radha Krishna is incomplete.

20 Best Lord Krishna bio for Instagram

⫸Hre Krishna Hre Rama 🙌🏻
⫸I don’t want anyone with me because ⫸Shri Krishna is my companion. 💁‍♂️

𖠸Jai DawarikaDhis 🙏🏻
𖠸Peace of mind is more important than 𖠸money. 🕊

𖡡 kanhaji’s Bhkt 🙏🏻
𖡡 Dharma only shows the way, but Karma leads to the destination. 🔥

𖡟Jai Madhavji 🙋‍♂️
𖡟Hobby reading 👈
𖡟Fav. Books – Geeta, Ramayan 📚
𖡟Greed is the cause of sorrow. 🥱

𖡤Always smile 😃
𖡤Bol Radhey Radhey 📿
𖡤A sceptical person can never be happy in his life. 😤

𖡭Sacha Banda 😄
𖡭MakhanChor ka Fan 🧈🤩
𖡭Trust builds relationships, but distrust breaks relationships. ✅️

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𖡹Sanatani 🚩
𖡹Mohan Ka Pujari 🙏🏻
𖡹Karma is more important than dharma. 💯%

𖢅Jai Shree Krishana 🦚
𖢅Start the day with radhey radhey 😇
𖢅Too much love makes a man brainless. 🤭

𖦹Religious 🧘‍♂️
𖦹Krishna says. 👇
𖦹You decide whether to win or lose, no one else decides. ✊️

𖦲Egoistic 🤨
𖦲Lord Krishna ❤
𖦲Mahabharata is necessary when Dharma is in danger. 🛡

𖠸Born __ 🥳
𖡟Krishna Bhakt 🙏🏻
𖠸No one can close the door that God has opened for you.🚪❌️

𖡹Open-Minded 🤠
⫸Lord Krishna Says!👈
𖡹if you wanna be something, and you trust yourself. Then no one can’t distract you.😤

𖣰Hate Smoking 🚭
𖣰Maa Ka ladla 🥰
𖣰Sri Krishna says where there is selfishness there is no love. 🤞💟

𖣯Hate matlbi log 😏
𖣯Do whatever you like 🤟
𖣯It’s better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. 😎

𖢸Jai Kanha 📿
𖢸Apart from the present, don’t worry 𖢸about what has passed and what will happen in the future. 🤷

꧁Whether someone listens to you or not, it doesn’t matter because Shri Krishna always listens to you. ꧂

𖣯𖣯░░Sometimes good and sometimes bad, times are not always the same. Because time never stops.░░𖣯𖣯

█▓▒░Human beings are identified by face, but human character is identified by behavior.▒░█▓

【✔】There must be friends like Shri Krishna and Karna in life. One gives victory without fighting, and the other fights for you even in the face of defeat.

Radha Krishna bio for Instagram

𖡻Believe in love 🥰
𖡻According to Radha Krishna, love means renunciation. 👈

【✔】Jai Radhey Jai krishna 🙏🏻
【✔】Where there is love there is pain. 😞

𖦧Radha Krishna Is My inspiration 🥰
𖦧Waiting is also a beautiful form of love. The longer the wait, the more love. 😊

𖤼Kanha Ki Gopi 🤗
𖤼Radha Krishna is the teacher of love for the world. 😇

𖢅B’day _
𖡹God of love bhkt 🙌🏻
𖦹In love, there is only faith, no explanation.🙅

⫷░░░When Radha asked about the meaning of love, Shri Krishna says that where there is selfishness, there is no love.░░░⫸

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༺𖤼𖡻𖡻Not all stories are complete, there are some unfinished stories too. Like the story of Radha Krishna.𖡻𖡻𖤼༻

𖦧𖦧𖡻Radha Krishna is the definition of love, which is understood without saying. It is the language of love.𖡻𖦧𖦧

𖡹𖦹𖦹When Krishna asks Radha to tell me the place where I am not. So Radha says that place is my luck .𖦹𖦹𖡹

Dwarkadhish’s bio for Instagram

𖦢Jai Dawairka wale 🙏🏻 ✨️
𖦢Hate Violence 💣 | Love Silence 🔕
𖦢Silence is good, but not injustice. 😑

𖥯Self-willed 💪
𖦧•DawarikaDhis’s Fan 😍
𖥯Time and fate change, so don’t be arrogant. 🤚

𖥓Don’t Trust ❌️
𖥓Dream _ 💭
𖥓Krishna devotee 🙏🏻
𖥓People change their colors, but Shri Dhrikadheesh changes the fate of people.🚩

𖤌Karma Believer 😎
𖤌If you do not want to go to hell, give up lust, anger, and greed.👈

𖤛Born _
𖤛Kanha’s followers 🤟
𖤛Dwarkadhish knows only the language of love, he does not know other languages.🤷

𖣑Time and fate always change, they never stay the same.⏳️

𖢿Dream of seeing Dwarka city 💭
𖢿There is heaven on earth, which is called the city of Dwarkadhish.🥰

𖨦𖣌𖣌𖤛𖤌Dwarkadhish has taken care of me till today, so I am not worried about tomorrow.𖤌𖤛𖣌𖣌𖨦

𖨠The path of Dharma shown by Dwarkadhish is difficult. But it is also safe.

𖦠You don’t have to do bad karma, they happen. But good karmas don’t happen, they have to be done.

Lord Krishna bio in hindi

𖥞Whoever is born, his death is certain. Whoever dies, his birth is certain.
𖥞 जन्म लेने वाले की मृत्यु निश्चित है और मृत का नया जीवन निश्चित है।

𖥑Luck is not determined by God, you determine yourself.
𖥑ईश्वर भाग्य निर्धारित नहीं करते, आप स्वयं करते है।

𖤹Make more friends and wealth, not enemies.
𖤹ज्यादा दोस्त और धन बनाइये, शत्रु नहीं।

𖤓Forgive the deceiver once and be good, But don’t be fooled by trusting the same person ever again.
𖤓धोखेबाज़ को माफ करके अच्छे बनो, परंतु दुबारा उसी पर विश्वास करके मुर्ख न बनो।

•░Never be proud of yourself, because even a proud stone of weight loses its existence by drowning in water.
•░अपने आप पर घमंड न करो, क्योंकि पत्थर भी वजन के घमंड में पानी मे डूबकर अस्तित्व खो देता है।

𖤎A person who is proud of his religion. He starts committing wrongdoing.
𖤎धर्म पर घमंड करने वाला व्यक्ती, अधर्म करना आरम्भ कर देता है।

𖣦Lord Krishna also gets bound in the bondage of love. The one who binds the whole world.
𖣦जिसने संसार को बांध रखा है, वह भगवान कृष्ण स्वयं प्रेम के बंधन के बंधक है।

𖣔Words spoken and arrows fired from the bow never return.
𖣔धनुष से निकला बाण और मुख से निकली वाणी वापिस नहीं आती।

𖢸 Talk to God without greed, God will definitely answer you.
𖢸लालच छोड़कर भगवान से बातें करो, भगवान उत्तर अवश्य देंगे।

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꧁𖥏Bad things happen to good people for their good.
꧁𖥏अच्छे लोगों के साथ बुरी चीजें भी उनके ही भले के लिए होती है।