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Romantic Love Bio for Instagram

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love bio for instagram
  • @___
    Your love is like the beating of my heart.
    I am the heart then you are my heartbeat

Some memories make us 😊 and some memories make us ☹. Living life with you makes me 😄, so I want to be with you because all I want is happy memories.

My Love @___
Do you know why I am always so happy?
because You are my wife,
so I want to live this happy life.

@__ I Love U
Because U care about my feelings.

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My True Love @___
the first time we met here (__)
That time was golden 💛
it was 4 o’clock in the evening 🕓
I will always remember that day. 🤗

@__ Darling
U know? 🤨
Our Love is like cold and hot winds. 💖
What can’t be seen can only be felt 😚

U Know?
The sound of your laughter and your sweet voice is like music to my ears. Which I want to hear all the time, everywhere, and always.

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Hey Dear…
I want to see my old age with you.

You’re my strength 💪🏼
Thank you for loving me so much and to be my support.

I don’t know if I love you or not, but when I am with you, I feel happy, I forget all my fatigue, and life’s grievances. I want you with me always.

U know? 🤔
When you hold me in your arms, I feel happy and feel that I am the luckiest man in the whole world. ☺

May I tell you the truth? Other people like you because of your physical beauty. But I love your innocence and truth and your soul.

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Sad love bio for Instagram

Your memory is like a fragrance that cannot be seen but is felt. I will love you as long as my heart keeps beating. ❣

  • @___
    Teri Yaad me Rota hu 😔
    N sota hu na khata hu 😖
    bs Tumhe yaad Krta hu….🥺

Whenever I see you, I can’t control my heart, it starts beating fast. 😍

For my dream Girl.😚
I don’t know how much I love you, but you are my dream, and I want to make it come true .😏

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I believe in true love.
Because you are in my life.

If I am a pen then you are my refill and everyone knows that without a refill a pen is of no use.

I love you because you know 🥰
what I want without me saying. 🤫

It is my habit to start the day by looking at you because seeing you makes my day better.

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Love Quotes bio for Instagram

  • @___
    Ohh darling ☺
    My world is you and 🤗
    your immense love for me.🥰

My Dream Girl.😴
Do you know? 🤨
I have good dreams 😋
because I see you in them.

It is impossible to put into words how much I love you. Words like I love you are too small to testify to my love.

When you came into my life 😄
My life is filled with happiness 😇
So I want to keep you in my life till death 😤
will you stay with me? 🥺

My Happiness ☺
My love and My life Is Only U 😚

Darling, U Know? Why I Love u madly 🤨
You filled my boring life with happiness. 😍
I was like a living corpse that you brought alive.🤗

Love Bio for Instagram in English

  • @___
    I Love U Because 💛
    U come into my life like God’s Gift. 🧘‍♂️

@Your Wife
When I come home from the office, you welcome me with a smile. This is the moment when I forget all the tiredness of the whole day.

I want to start every day
By seeing your smiling face.

My Darling 🥰
To spend 1 day without you
Is like living without water for 1 year 😳

Hey Baby 😍
When you came into my life, 🤗
I got a reason to live. I love you ☺

baby in this world
I just want to be with you
because your love teaches me to live.

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you are the person in this world with 🤗🤗 whom I would like to live and die together.😤

My Love 😍
You have come into my life like a light 🕯 which has removed all the darkness of my life. 🕯

There are many stars ⭐ in this world, but there is no moon 🌜 like you, you have brightened the night of my life that is
why do I love 🥰 you so much

My Wife 😍
Whenever you need me with you,😏
you will find me standing behind you.😌

Babes 💛
Never think you are lonely because I am always with you. 🤗

Earlier my partner was my loneliness, but since I met you. I feel good being with you. Now I don’t even want to think about being alone.

I want to tell you something 😶
I am not afraid of dying 😖
But I am afraid of losing you. 😳

Love relationship bio for Instagram

  • Do you know? Baby 🤔
    You have the most valuable thing.
    Seeing that, I forget everything.😳
    That’s your smile. 😄

My Crush @__
May your love be like a good dream, which I do not want to break by waking up from my sleep.

  • क्या आप जानती हैं? जब आप मुझसे नाराज होती हो तब आप बहुत खूबसूरत लगती हो।

Do you know? 🤔
You look very beautiful 😍
when you are angry with me. 🙄

Listen, baby 😘
I can bear your anger. 😏
Cause you talk to me a lot in anger 🙄 because I don’t like your silence 😍

I’ll tell you a secret. 🤫
When you are angry, your cheeks turn red like a tomato. Then I fall in love with you more. 💘

My Crush ___
Please tell me what I need to do to get you. I want to earn your love so that it will always be mine.

I still remember the day when I first met you. Because that day was the most beautiful and lucky day for me. Which I remember as a festival.

😤 No matter how many
😤 difficulties come in life.
😖 But I will never leave you alone.
😖 I won’t stop loving you.

If someone asks me the definition of happiness, I will tell your name. @___

love quotes for Instagram Bio

I want To tell u the truth 😤
Even chocolate 🍫
doesn’t taste as sweet as your lips. 💋

Somebody asked me what do you love more than my life, I told my name.

I need a kiss from you, not a cup of coffee in the morning. Because your kiss makes me feel more energetic than coffee.

I will always love you, will always be with you, and will always protect you.

🎤 I sing romantic music because of you.
🕺 I dance in the rain because of you.
😳 Because I Love U.

I know how to swim
But I want to drown in your love.
Because only by drowning in your
Love, can I survive.

When I met you,
It seemed that God gave me a gift without asking.

These Lines Only For U 💝
The fragrance of your hair in the morning gives more relief than the scent of an incense stick.

@__ Do U know? 🤔
You are more beautiful than a rose 🌹 because your beauty is without thorns.🥰

If you want, 🤗
I can keep you on my chest for the rest of my life. 😳

I cannot express in words how much I love you. I can make you realize how much I love you.

My Cutie
Your laughter is sweeter than any rosogolla and brighter and more beautiful than any star.

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